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Jillian Manning


Traverse City has been home my whole life…even in the years I lived in other cities and states. After exploring the Midwest and a first career in book publishing, I returned to Traverse City in 2018. The city is both new and familiar seeing it through 30-something eyes. I love the vibrancy of our arts and culture scene, how we’ve grown into a hub for food and wine, and that new trails are always being created to explore this gorgeous area. 

In addition to my work as a writer, I’ve had careers in both the nonprofit and tourism sectors in Traverse City. I got to connect with so many businesses and organizations, and I can tell you that this town is one of a kind. It’s big enough that you’ll never get bored, but small enough that we’re all still connected and working together to make it better every day. Today, I’m honored to be part of the Grand Traverse Region’s DEI Action Network and a graduate of the 2021 Traverse Connect Women’s Leadership Cohort.

I can’t wait to welcome more folks to the area. My husband and I are both English majors, so I always cheer for the creatives making their dreams into careers. (Also, if you have cats, we’ll probably be best friends. Dogs are excellent too!)

Welcome to TC!

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Embrace the beauty of nature up north!


I want to be part of creating a diverse, vibrant place to live. When talking with folks who are planning to move or visit here, I always talk up our arts & culture scene, the great ways to explore the outdoors, and what the community feel is like. Having been part of TC for so long, I have the opportunity to make lots of good connections throughout the community. All of that is to say, I love this place and want to keep the things that make it wonderful and find new ways to improve the places we fall short.