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Chelsea Bay Dennis

Meet Chelsea

My mission in life is to use what I’m good at and passionate about for good and to inspire others to do what makes them come alive and make a difference in the world. I manifest this as a graphic designer, video producer, coach/consultant, speaker and event creator. I have been designing for environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurs for over 20 years. I also consult as a certified coach for those looking to find or create meaningful work that is aligned with their values, strengths, and what makes them come alive – from the inside out. I also founded, cultivate and host Expand Storytelling. Through all of my work, I love empowering others to make ideas happen, be successful, and make the world better.

I find so much joy in sunrise walks, hiking, rollerblading, camping, paddling, one-on-one time with friends, dancing, creating and, and, and Traverse City is a place people choose, stay, and invest in. I love my home.

graphic designer & story coach
traverse city
Chelsea bay Design & Expand Storytelling
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  • Schools, Childcare & Daycare
  • Real estate & housing
  • Finding community
  • Outdoor activities
  • Arts & Culture
  • Career opportunities & job hunting
  • Moving a business here
  • Charitable organizations & volunteering
  • Remote work


Having lived and traveled around the world, I chose to make Traverse City my home, the very place I started. I love the change of seasons, every month holds its unique adventures and feelings. I love being an advocate for this place, and helping people discover and expand into this place. We all chose it for a reason- and that is what makes TC so vibrant!


Get out and do what you love- there you will find your people and community. Jump in the bay or paddle through town on your lunch breaks! Walk or bike everywhere. This is a town people CHOOSE and want to be here – you will build a lifelong community!