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Attia Qureshi


As an organizational culture consultant, I lay the groundwork for progress and innovation by helping organizations move past dysfunction and build a united, collaborative and inclusive culture. I am a professor at MIT and with my ongoing conflict-resolution work in Colombia’s cocaine-growing region, I am also a University of Michigan author of a soon-to-be-published book on negotiation skills. I am originally from Michigan and attended the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business for undergrad.

Coming from a family of cherry and apple farmers in Traverse City, Michigan has drawn me back to my home state. My husband and I spend a lot of our free time biking the Tart Trails. I now contend with the fact that while I can negotiate on most things, the weather has yet to cooperate with my efforts.

My biggest effort currently is with Commongrounds, which is a showpiece of community development and an effort to be more connected and diverse.

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  • Health and wellness
  • Community
  • Outdoor activities
  • Charitable organizations and volunteer opportunities


Find a community to join that can connect you to others. It was a hard transition for me to move to TC after living in San Francisco, Boston and Denver, but I was lucky to have a group of people who connected me and made me feel at home. Using Northern Navigators is a great tool to help with that.