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Chrissie Reitmeyer

Meet chrissie

I moved to northern Michigan after college because I got a job at Interlochen, and then I moved into Traverse City to go to graduate school at the University Center. It took awhile to figure out my rhythm, as an “outsider” to what can feel like a close-knit community, but over the years, I figured out the trick to getting connected: showing up!

Traverse City has a lot to do including a great live music scene, art galleries, community events, and of course phenomenal places to explore the outdoors. Especially in the winter, I find it’s important to get out and explore. I have come to learn the beauty in a smaller community, knowing that almost everywhere I go, I’ll see a number of people I now consider friends.

When I’m not working, I’m seeing music or performing in local bands. I also love volunteering for local events and organizations like the DDA and Up North Pride. And as a single person, when I don’t have plans but still feel like leaving the house, I love bringing some work or a book to one of our many stellar coffee shops, bars, or restaurants and just hanging out; sometimes the stranger next to you at the bar us just a friend you haven’t met.

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Traverse City offers a chance to really explore and get to know people and places in a way that might not be possible in a bigger town. I think sometimes people come here and are discouraged because they don’t know what’s “out there” and where to start, and I’d love to help guide them!


Get out and try something new!