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The Michigan’s Creative Coast Job Board is designed to help our valued local companies recruit new talent, and is intended to be a high-quality, curated showcase of local employers and family-sustaining job opportunities available in the Grand Traverse Region.  

When an employer submits a job posting it undergoes a review and may, or may not, be posted on the Creative Coast Job Board. To help you determine if a job posting will be posted, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • The Creative Coast job board will accept most job postings that pay at minimum $22/hour or $45,000/year (total cash compensation).  
  • Jobs can be full-time, adjunct or part-time, and may pay hourly or be salaried.  
  • Paid or stipend internships or paid co-op positions will also be accepted. 
  • A job posting which highlights a career fair or company hiring event will also be accepted. 
  • Jobs must be located within one of the five Grand Traverse Region counties: Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Kalkaska, Antrim, or Benzie. Remote jobs may also be posted.
“Michigan’s Creative Coast was able to help me find and recruit a top sales and marketing leader for a local manufacturing company. The job board attracts top talented people who already call Northern Michigan home and those desiring a relocation to our community. I will continue to share the Michigan’s Creative Coast job board with others as a resource to help find top talent.”

~ Sara Harding, Transitional Manager & Expert at PeakTactic


Having a curated, robust, and well-promoted job board improves the size and quality of the talent pool for everyone in the Grand Traverse Region. 

Curation of the Creative Coast job board defined around pay rate parameters is to ensure alignment with Traverse Connect’s mission which is: to encourage the growth of family-sustaining careers in the Grand Traverse Region. The definition of a family-sustaining hourly pay rate and annual salary for the Grand Traverse Region has been determined using metrics established by the ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) metrics, the Michigan League for Public Policy, and MIT’s Living Wage Calculator.


  • FREE TO USE – Sign up and post jobs at no cost. 
  • EASY JOB POSTING – There are no complicated forms to complete, just a simple interface that only asks for the essentials. Plus, once you’ve created an employer account you can log back in any time and post new jobs. 
  • PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT – We provide a weekly run down of featured job postings via social media, as well as monthly highlights in our newsletter.
  • ANALYTICS & TRACKING – Track key metrics, including how many job seekers have viewed or clicked ‘Apply’ on your job postings, and even likes & dislikes of words and phrases in your job descriptions. Use this job seeker feedback to update your job postings and attract the most relevant candidates. 
  • APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM – If you don’t have an ATS or hiring process in place already, this platform allows your team to accept and review applicants. 
  • SUPPORT & TROUBLESHOOTING – The team at TrueJob (the host platform) will be available to assist with any technical problems or questions you have. Just email 
  • IMPROVING THE GRAND TRAVERSE REGION FOR EVERYONE – A high quality showcase of key employers and job opportunities can be a difference maker when a newcomer is deciding whether to move to our region. Posting your job openings is a small step that will help us as we work to grow our talent pool for everyone!*   


Would you like to receive resumes delivered straight to your inbox? Anyone can submit a resume via our job board page. You can sign up here to receive those resume packs direct via email every two weeks!


Let us help you secure the best talent by sending new and prospective hires our way for full-service relocation assistance.

As an employer we know that you are concerned with attracting the best talent to work for your company. Our Michigan’s Creative Coast initiative is designed to be a one-stop relocation resource for everything a new hire needs to know to live, work and get connected in the Grand Traverse region. We have put together boilerplate language, relocation guides, and graphics about Michigan’s Creative Coast that employers can easily add to their career pages or job postings. The goal is to help new, and prospective, talent find out more about what it’s like to live, work and explore in the Traverse City area.  

Inspire prospective talent to make the move to the Grand Traverse region by sharing this overview guide that provides a high level look at all aspects of living and working here.

Do you already have a new hire preparing to make their move to the Grand Traverse region? Send them this helpful relocation guide to ease their mind and make the process a breeze.

Download PDF
Download PDF

EMPLOYERS! Here’s one simple thing you can do today to attract new talent to the region. Add this line to all your job postings:
Find out more about living in Traverse City by visiting

Download Image
Download Image
Show new talent what ‘life Up North’ can offer with Michigan’s Creative Coast videos.

You can view the full collection of Michigan’s Creative Coast video projects here, including stories from residents who recently moved to the Grand Traverse Region. Our talent attraction video Make It Here invites the viewer to imagine their life in the Grand Traverse Region. We invite you to add this video, or any of our other videos, to your site (just click the paper airplane icon on the video and select the < /> icon to get the video embed code):



Michigan colleges produce exceptional talent, perfect for the state’s large number of innovative, growing companies. Michigan STEAM Forward is a statewide program of Michigan Economic Development Corporation that matches students attending Michigan colleges and universities with internship opportunities at the state’s leading innovative companies. Companies do not have to be in a specific industry, but all internships must be STEAM-focused. Michigan STEAM Forward provides students meaningful career experience and promotes job retention in the state, while providing financial support to companies who hire these interns.

By participating in the STEAM Forward internship program, companies can review resumes from the state’s top aspiring talent. Financial assistance for qualifying companies may be available.

*The Michigan’s Creative Coast job board is free to use. However, employers can explore the further benefits of becoming an investor member with Traverse Connect here.