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If you can work from anywhere, The Grand Traverse Region offers remote workers an unparalleled quality of life. With gig-fiber internet, an abundance of co-working spaces, and a lot more space to create your own home studio or office space than the big cities, Traverse City has what you’re looking for. And, with public access to fresh water, wide-open spaces, and winter sports facilities right on your doorstep, we think our four seasons offer all you’ll want to suit your lifestyle and recreation needs.

A digital nomad community

We get it – sometimes the home office just won’t cut it and you need a place to go. Traverse City has many offices as well as co-working spaces to connect you with remote entrepreneurs and to provide a quiet space when you need it. For community, the Traverse City Telecommuting Social Meetup is a social outlet for remote workers to have an after-work happy hour.


Whether you need a quiet office; a place to meet with clients; or just a place to get out of your house and meet others; Commonplace has a plan for you.


SPACE is a shared community workspace open to the public with desks available to rent by the day, week, or month.


20Fathoms is Northern Michigan’s hub for tech and innovation. They have developed a community for remote workers, and offer desk and office space options.

“I’m truly grateful for the lifestyle that working remotely has afforded me. I spend my workday thriving on the energy of a fast-paced, dynamic tech company. Then, I relish in the calm as soon as I shut my laptop and am surrounded by the simple, natural beauty of northern Michigan. “Commuting” from my home office to the freshwater, sandy beaches of Lake Michigan with my family in tow is my ideal balance.”

Kristen berlacher, social impact lead at airbnb.

Traverse City is the #1 Lake Beach Town to live in

Wallethub, the personal finance company, placed Traverse City, the cultural and economic hub of Northern Michigan, in the top spot in its list of beach towns to live in.

Traverse City was No. 1 in quality of life, No. 13 in education and health, No. 15 in weather, No. 20 in economy and No. 23 in safety. 

Source: WalletHub

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