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We are a husband and wife photo team who have been shooting together for almost 10 years. We like to think our superpower is our ability to make portraits not awkward, but relaxed, fun, and full of authenticity. We love shooting people with hearts of gold who like to laugh and are game for laying down in the middle of the forest (or a hike up to the dunes, or a swim in the lake, or…).  You get the idea.

We do not believe in perfection, in our photos or in people. Come as you are, trust in the process, we got you.


Sam and Laura live in Empire, MI. They came for the natural beauty of Leelanau County and stayed once they found a grounded sense of place and a thriving community. Sam is a writer and Laura is a ceramic artist, but like most people who live here, they find joy in other creative occupations (and hobbies) inspired by the land and the water.


Micah Mabey and Kristen Lea Stewart of Harpe Star are artists currently based out of Northern Michigan. Their focuses are in photography, videography, and theatre collectively, while still finding love to focus on writing and design in their own respected corners of time. You can follow them on Instagram @harpe_star, or find their website at and email them at


Casey Chamberlain is a photographer based in Detroit & Traverse City, MI. Her work aims to capture the way we connect with each other and the world around us. Casey is inspired most by family, the mundane, complexity and nature. Connect with her at @caseychamberlain_photo

Casey Chamberlain


Grant Piering is an accomplished videographer, photographer, editor, and outdoorsman. A Michigan native and hesitant businessman, Grant is a proponent of all things analog; the harder it is to use, the more fun you’ll likely have doing it. Grant knows how to tell a story from a different perspective while staying true to his core values of protecting our landscapes and putting true experiences ahead of convenience or impressions.

With the support of a growing creative culture around Traverse City, Grant has been lucky enough to meet and befriend many influential business leaders and fellow creatives throughout the area. His business has grown enough to allow him to work with other talented like-minded individuals for various projects including several international clients in the travel, adventure and auto industries.

Grant is a water lover, reader, active community member and fun-seeker. He hopes to use his work to encourage an insightful look at the choices we’re making in our lives and how they affect our happiness, our local communities and our incredible wild places.

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Established in 2013, Lake Effect Digital is a digital marketing company that focuses on developing digital products and creative campaigns for a diverse client list, including non profits, resorts, healthcare providers and public agencies. Lake Effect is a client first agency that works to educate clients and build effective and meaningful products and campaigns.