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ATLAS Space Ops

ATLAS Network Operations Center


ATLAS was founded on the belief that access to space should be simple and affordable. Since the dawn of the space industry, it has been subdivided into three major segments: Launch, Satellite (space), and Ground. ATLAS approaches the industry with a new paradigm, recognizing that communications are the common thread through the entire space industry and the global markets it supports. To that end, ATLAS is redefining the ground segment to the “communications segment.” By virtualizing satellite ground network operations, they are disrupting the way the industry thinks about communicating in space.

Chitose Japan Ground Site

At its core, ATLAS provides ground communication services that enable global access to real-time data from space. They built a team dedicated to providing affordable, secure, and exceptional global communications services to the rapidly growing global satellite communications industry. ATLAS does this through three key initiatives: their Freedom™ Software, a global network of ground antennas, and providing clients their data faster than previously thought attainable.

ATLAS is ranked No. 102 on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies. Furthermore, this ranking positioned ATLAS as No. 15 of the nation’s fastest growing software companies.

Nation’s fastest growing companies
Inc Mag’s annual List
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disruptor in satellite industry


INTEGRITY: Transparency & honesty in all we do

PASSION: Moving forward with innovation & pride

TEAMWORK: Delivering success by working together

PERFORMANCE: Executional in everything we do


At ATLAS, they don’t settle for the status quo. They want more. Founded on the ideal of disrupting an entire industry, its team works passionately to develop new ideas, better processes, and exciting ways to provide their customers a service unlike any other.

Passion sets them apart from the pack and drives the company culture. Day in and day out, they work tirelessly to find new solutions to both new, and old challenges.

Photography courtesy of ATLAS Space Operations.