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Graceland Fruit


Graceland Fruit is located in Frankfort, MI on the shores of Lake Michigan. Founded in 1973, Graceland Fruit has provided the ingredient industry with exceptional dried fruit products (apple, cherry, cranberry, blueberry) for nearly 50 years. Graceland Fruit products are Product of the USA, BRC Grade A certified, non-allergen, non-GMO, HALAL, and Kosher certified, while offering organic options. Graceland Fruit exports to over 60 countries worldwide, supplying some of the largest and most prestigious baking and food companies in the world.

Graceland Fruit is for innovative food manufacturers and providers striving to delight their consumers with great tasting, on-trend products by enhancing the foods they make with authentic ingredients that add distinctive taste, texture, visual, and nutrition appeal. Graceland Fruit is the ingredient expert that delivers exceptional product and service performance. Premium quality dried fruits, service excellence, reliable supply, and innovation make it easy for customers to create an unsurpassed eating experience.

known for
dried fruit
exports to
60+ countries

All photos courtesy of Graceland Fruit.