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Thompson Surgical Instruments


Thompson Surgical Instruments has been in business for over 55 years and is a worldwide industry leader in surgical retraction. The key to good surgery is good exposure and surgeons know much of that comes down to the surgical products they are using, including the Thompson Retractor. Thompson believes in listening to user feedback as well as 100% customer service and quality which is how they have developed some of the most popular and effective surgical retractors in the world. Continuous innovation and improvement, both in their business models and product offering, give Thompson a leading edge on the competition, proven by their strong employee tenure, new product launches, extensive patent portfolio, and continuous sales growth. Thompson is also a supplier to Fortune 500 companies, holding themselves to the highest industry standards.

Based in Traverse City, MI, Thompson operates out of three buildings including a state of the art manufacturing facility, Administration, Sales, Engineering, Research & Development, and Quality offices. Thompson is proud to offer full time employment to around 60 local residents, partner with distributors worldwide, and utilize Michigan based suppliers wherever possible. Additionally, Thompson is employee-owned which connects every employee directly to the business and promotes stewardship. Thompson is a considered “critical infrastructure” or an “essential business” and is pleased to provide customers with lifesaving, and life-changing, devices throughout all world circumstances.

Year founded
Traverse city
giving back
Donates 8-10 retractors annually


Our team is exceptional. We are an employee-owned company comprised of self motivated, customer driven, ethical, honest, open-minded, and friendly individuals who excel in what they do. These individuals are committed to providing the very best customer service and developing the most innovative and highest quality mechanical retractors.

As a leader in our industry, Thompson Surgical Instruments provides a challenging, team-oriented, healthy, fun, and rewarding work environment that our employees enjoy. Our employees are the backbone at Thompson and are proud to be members of our team.

All photos courtesy of Thompson Surgical Instruments.