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Oneupweb is a leading digital marketing agency in Michigan and Traverse City’s oldest. It has been a part of Traverse City for more than 20 years and is currently owned by Fernando Meza. With an office nestled in the heart of history at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, the team loves Traverse City and is passionate about the work done here. From account managers to graphic designers, website developers to inbound marketing specialists, Oneupweb is a full-service agency working with major businesses, Fortune 500 companies and local wineries as well.

The team at Oneupweb is passionate about digital marketing – both the analytical, data-driven side of and the creative ideas it leads to. The marketers at Oneupweb are from all over the United States but have found a home in Michigan (and a few are able to work remotely from elsewhere).

Michigan’s Creative Coast Podcast Episode: Suddenly the Boss

Fernando Meza, CEO of Oneupweb, is featured in the second episode of the Michigan’s Creative Coast podcast. Listen to how a last-minute detour to Traverse City changed the course of Fernando’s life.


There are some jobs you want to get done locally. Like getting an oil change or a haircut. But when it comes to trusting a company with your marketing, why not consider an agency in the Midwest? You’re not going to find marketing bros in their office, dishing out empty buzzwords. What you will find is a team with an unparalleled work ethic – salt of the earth who invest in your company financially and emotionally. In the Midwest, we get the job done right, we graciously apply feedback, and we’re nice the whole time we do it.

All photos courtesy of Oneupweb.