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I moved to Traverse City after living in Brooklyn, New York for almost a decade. Brooklyn was a great place to be as I developed my career, but after having a baby my family and I craved more space, access to the outdoors, and a slower pace of life.

Moving from the hustle of New York City to a small Midwestern town was a big change but we haven’t looked back. It’s an amazing place to raise a child, and I can give my daughter so much more here than we could in a concrete jungle. The biggest surprise to me on moving here was the wealth of incredibly smart and interesting people I have met, not just professionally, but personally too. I have been lucky to grow an amazing group of friends and find like-minded people, and it feels like home.

At Traverse Connect I run our Michigan’s Creative Coast initiative, so my entire job is basically to encourage people to move here. I wouldn’t preach it if I didn’t believe it – Traverse City is a great place to live!

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I was born and raised in Ireland, where the weather is mostly dull, damp and cloudy year-round. My favourite part of living here is that we get all four seasons. The summers are sunny and warm, the beaches are quiet if you know where to go. The winters are snowy and crisp and gorgeous. In the darker months, cosy up by fire, drink hot chocolate, but also embrace the snow and GET OUTSIDE. I took up Nordic skiing since moving here and it’s an amazing way to embrace the winter!