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Roger Amundsen


I was born and raised in Florida and moved here two years ago with my partner, very much sight unseen. My first introduction to Traverse City was a self-guided Google Street View tour. 

The biggest factor in our decision to move to this region was our desire to be in one place—to stay put. We wanted to be somewhere that we’d be excited to live and thrive in; to have a home and find a community. Now we’re raising a kid here. I was also really excited about all the ways to get outside in Northern Michigan, something I’m still totally in love with. Over winter, we do a lot of hiking and I love that it’s socially acceptable to stay in and be cozy. And in summer you can catch me on a bike, trail running, or, more often than not, swimming.  

I currently serve on the Traverse City Arts Commission, and on the Creative Coast Committee; I am Volunteer Coordinator for Up North Pride; and I recently joined the organizing team for Northern Michigan for Accountable Government. My partner, Pam, and I live downtown with our son and a house full of plants.

Freelance ArtisT
Orlando, FL
Get Outside!
Hidden Gem
Maple Bay Natural Area


  • Childcare / daycare
  • Arts & culture
  • Community
  • Food and drink recommendations
  • Remote work
  • Health & wellness services
  • Outdoor activities
  • Charitable organizations and volunteer opportunities


People here choose to engage and to show up, and, in a town this size, that kind of engagement—whether it’s grassroots or governmental, a small business or a tech startup—affects real change. When this happens in big cities, you don’t always get to see it or know that it’s happening. Here, you do.


Find a way to get outside and enjoy the snow. Winters here are both really magical and sometimes awful, and it helps to have a strategy.