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Jennifer Szunko


The healthy, active outdoor lifestyle drew me back to Traverse City and closer to home after spending three years in Vail (post-college) in my twenties. I met my husband Wally in 1990 and we live on the edge of Leorie Vineyard where we raised our son and daughter.

Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur with a background that includes hotel convention sales, cruise, wine, magazine and book publishing, wholesale automotive, and social media. I have a passion for learning, creative collaboration, and being a connector of people which is why I love my involvement in organizations like Traverse Connect, Michigan’s Creative Coast, TCNewTech and others. Currently, I am merging art and technology as I explore Web 3.0 and work with traditional artists to implement NFT strategies.

I have seen incredible economic growth in the area, but the beauty, fresh air, and the friendliness of the people has stayed the same. Whether it is the sailing or skiing or golfing or running communities, I can always find a friend. Wally and I both love good food, wine, and walking into one of the many restaurants or pubs in downtown Traverse City to be greeted by old friends (and new) – cheers!

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I have been a champion of the area since I first moved here in 1987. I can’t help myself — I share the beauty, the opportunities, and the people of the GT Region everywhere I go! Being deeply invested in the area, it’s success is important to me. Newcomers to the area should feel the warmth and discover its potential. Over the years I have been involved in our church, the schools, many clubs, and different groups and that has given me a huge network and circle of friends. Besides my love of the area, I am a connector of people and when I meet someone I start flipping through a mental Rolodex, wondering,  “Who do I know that I could connect you with?”