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Laura Matchett


My family and I moved to Traverse City in 2013. One son was starting Kindergarten, and the other a toddler. Originally from Livonia, (Detroit area) I quickly learned that Traverse City was a perfect happy medium for me. It had everything I was looking for, great educational opportunities, local businesses and nonprofits, great neighborhoods, excellent restaurants, a strong sense of community, and the most beautiful landscapes I can imagine! The sand dunes are still my absolute favorite.

Traverse City is an active community. Yes, the winters are long, snowy and beautiful, AND so many people are out and about enjoying them! Fat tire bikes, cross country skiing, downhill skiing (two ski schools in our town, my kids have taken lessons since they were 5 years old), snowshoeing, sledding – there are so many ways to enjoy winter up here. My sons earned 100% ‘bike-to-school awards’ from our local youth cycling group, Norte.

Directing the Extended Education unit of Northwestern Michigan College has broadened my understanding of the great resources and amazing connections to a global community that we have right here in Traverse City. There are so many opportunities to learn & grow here.

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I love to share my appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us and the opportunities that matter the most to me (like Northwestern Michigan College, El Grupo Norte, Downtown Traverse City). I also hope I can help to shape a more diverse community for Northern Michigan.


This is not just a region of natural beauty. It is also a region full of possibility!