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Pam DeMerle

Meet Pam

I first moved to Traverse City in 8th grade after growing up in metro Detroit. I am a boomerang that relentlessly pursued a return and I feel deep gratitude every day that I wake up in Northern Michigan.

I want people to know what an amazing place this is to grow up and how excited I am to be raising my own child here. I loved my boat-riding, beach-hopping childhood here and I am excited to offer that experience to my child.

Time spent not at work should be spent on the water. I intend on meeting every grain of sand on every beach in this area. My dream weekend would be a day spent at Good Harbor Beach and raising a glass at Rove Estate Vineyard just in time for sunset.

The challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic can also serve as a unique opportunity for Traverse City. Our area appeals to those with big city tastes while also providing an ease of living that more remote workers can really capitalize on.

Works at
Brick & Corbett
Human Resources
Hidden Gem
The Beach at North Bar
Ask Pam About
Traverse City Culture


  • Schools
  • Childcare / daycare
  • Real estate and housing
  • Health & wellness services
  • Outdoor activities
  • Food and drinks recommendations
  • Career opportunities / job-hunting
  • Charitable organizations and volunteer opportunities
  • Remote work


Many ‘boomerangs’ who grew up here look at Traverse City as the rather quaint small town they left. Having moved back here I am finding that social progress in Traverse City isn’t just possible, it’s happening. I encourage those who have gained experience elsewhere to come back and enjoy Traverse City. This is exactly how I hope to shape our community’s future as a Northern Navigator – to show that progressive ideals can live here, and in fact are welcome.


If you have young children and require care, start reaching out to daycares and preschools NOW.