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Kate Redman


I grew up in a farmtown “downstate” and lived on the East Coast for a few years before moving back home to Michigan. I moved to Traverse City for work expecting to stay for two years and now have been here a decade. I love all the outdoor amenities (kayaking, skiing, trail running) and delicious food/beverages (most likely to be found at Iron Fish, Hexenbelle, Earthen Ales, Rare Bird, Good Bowl, Little Fleet)… but mostly I love the community.

Here, people are creative, positive action-orientated, friendly, and make time to invest in relationships. And because people are just a little (cough) contrarian, often people are willing to experiment with doing things a little differently than the norm (for better and worse). I’m severely nerdy and often miss the grit and variety of larger cities, so I travel frequently, but I’m always glad to come home to the smaller town and incredible nature and community here.

I’m excited for Traverse City to continue to grow our creative entrepreneurial community and create a great home for diverse people, experiences, and ideas to meet and grow.

Common grounds
Dansville, MI
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The Community of People


  • Real estate and housing
  • Health & wellness services
  • Arts & culture
  • Community
  • Outdoor activities
  • Food and drinks
  • Moving a business here
  • Career opportunities / job-hunting
  • Charitable organizations and volunteer opportunities
  • Remote work
  • Office space


Through my work, I’m familiar with a lot of nonprofits and small businesses in town. I’m always glad to help connect people to other people and organizations that might fit their interests.


Take a year to go on one-on-one coffee dates with as many people as possible and then choose a couple of organizations and activities for deeper involvement. Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone whose work you find interesting – people are generally pretty friendly and helpful here and willing to help connect you to your interests.